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How can Options help me with my calorie intake?

When you fancy a well deserved sweet treat, a welcome cup of Options Original start from just 38 calories. That's at least half the calories of standard hot chocolate or a quarter of a bar of chocolate.  But the best news is, it's totally delicious too!

How low in fat is Options?

Options hot chocolate drinks are low in fat with less than 2% fat per serving.

How low in salt is Options?

Options drinks are low in salt. They typically contain just 5% of your Reference Intake (RI) for salt. The EU recommended salt intake is 6g per day or less.

What exactly are Refrence Intakes?

Reference Intakes help make nutritional information easier to understand by putting it into an 'everyday' context. They show how much sugar, fat, saturated fat, salt and how many calories adults consume per day to maintain a healthy, balanced diet.

We've added RIs to our Options jars to help you understand what Options can contribute towards your daily amount. The good news is Options is low in fat and salt and only has 45 calories (or less!) per serving.

Do Options contain Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil?

No. Options Hot Chocolate does not contain Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil.

Do Options contain any allergens?

Some skus do contain allergens, which are highlighted in the ingredients list on all products.

Some Options products contain a source of phenylalanine, which is highlighted on products, where applicable.

Does Options contain caffeine?

No. Options Hot Chocolate does not contain caffeine.

Are Options suitable for vegetarians?

Yes. The Options Hot Chocolate drinks are suitable for vegetarians.

How many calories are in Options?

Each Options Hot Chocolate has a calorie count, ranging from 38-44 calories per serve for the Options Original range.

Is Options certified as Halal?

Yes. The Options Hot Chocolate drinks are certified as Halal.

Is Options certified as Kosher?

Yes. The Options Hot Chocolate drinks are certified as Kosher.


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