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Does Options contain real Belgian Chocolate?

Yes, all of the delicious Options Original and Indulgence range contain real Belgian Chocolate (except our White Choc).

How many different Options flavours are there for us to choose from?

There is a whole range of different exciting flavours for you to choose from, that includes a constantly changing selection!

Options Original Range

Belgian Choc - available in jars and sachets
Belgian Choc Orange - available in jars and sachets
Belgian Choc Mint - available in jars and sachets
White Choc - available in jars and sachets
Belgian Choc Butterscotch - available in jars and sachets
Popcorn - available in sachets
Strawberry - available in sachets
Choca Latte - available in sachets
Praline - available in sachets
Salted caramel - available in sachets

Options Indulgence Range

Dreamy Belgian Chocolate - available in jars
Creamy White Chocolate - available in jars

Why are limited edition flavours ‘limited’?

The limited edition range means that we can keep creating exciting, new flavours for you to try. They're available for a limited time only so we can see what you think before moving on to the next new and exciting flavour!

Can I get the new Options Indulgence flavours in jars?

Dreamy Belgian Chocolate, Heavenly Belgian Chocolate Brownie and  Luxurious Belgian Chocolate Cherry are available in jars and sachets. The rest of the flavours come in handy sachets only. They're ideal for your handbag, your desk or when you're on the move.


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