How can I support UTZ?

Supporting businesses that are involved with UTZ Certified.

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As a consumer you can support UTZ Certified by:

  • Supporting businesses that are involved with UTZ certified. 
  • Learn more about UTZ certified through the website and newsletter. Share this with family, friends and business contacts and encourage them to sign up for our newsletter.
  • Drinking responsibly at work! Encourage your employer to purchase UTZ certified cocoa, coffee and tea.

Where does UTZ operate?

UTZ are working on securing a better future for farmers in the Coffee, Tea & Cocoa sector. UTZ operates worldwide in different countries for each sector. An interactive map is available which details exactly where UTZ operates by clicking here.

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How much UTZ coffee, tea & cocoa is currently produced? 

In 2011 UTZ Certified had 476,900 tons coffee, 214,100 tons cocoa and 48,100 tons tea certified.

What does our commitment to UTZ certifications mean?

Options Hot Chocolate operate under the UTZ mass balance certification scheme and will be supporting sustainable farming by buying certified cocoa. To explain mass balance certification please click here.

Where can I find out more information about UTZ?

More information is available here.