About Options

Options is a total treat. It’s delicious pure Belgian Chocolate that’s low in calories and high in indulgence. It’s the heavenly tasty chocolate treat that all us girls deserve to have.

Love Chocolate

It was developed and launched back in 1986 because as women we weren't satisfied with the fact that 'calories' were always a consequence of enjoying a chocolate drink. We wanted the pleasure without the calories. We deserved it. Options was an instant success.

Since it's launch in 1986, Options has been loved, trusted and enjoyed by millions of women like us.  We love it because it delivers low calorie, great tasting hot chocolate pleasure whenever we want it - any time of the day.  No wonder it's the number one brand in delicious instant hot chocolate.  Number one for taste satisfaction and number one for low, low calories.

Options is pure Belgian chocolate paradise in 20 sensational flavours. And with just 40 calories per mug for the Originals range, and 60 calories per mug for the Indulgence range - it's zero guilt. How good is that?

Building on the success of Options Originals and to meet a real need for even more chocolatey taste and choice, Options Indulgence was launched in 2010.  Belgian Chocolate was launched in September 2011.

To enjoy life to the full, a girl needs options. And these Options are all about chocolate enjoyment to the full - without having to worry about calories.

Options? Bring it on girls.